Most Attractive Gambling Destinations Around the Globe

The gambling industry is a billion-dollar industry and makes about $40 billion a year in America alone. Oddly enough gambling affects men more than women. Because of such a big industry, organizations have spent a lot of money on buildings where people can gamble.

List of Destinations you will love to visit for Gambling: has compiled a list of the most attractive gambling destinations all around the globe that you should know about:

  • Las Vegas
  • Monte Carlo
  • Pahang
  • Macau

1.Las Vegas 

No gambling destination list is complete without the mention of Las Vegas, perhaps the most popular destination for gambling all around the globe right now. There are more casinos in this area than you can visit in your lifetime. 

Las Vegas

Entertainment Capital

Las Vegas is also known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, but also the City that never Sleeps – a title which it shares with New York. Las Vegas’ another nickname “Sin City” was the second most well-received nickname in a survey of the best US city slogans and nicknames. 

Amazing tourist spot

Other than the gambling, Las Vegas is a really popular tourist destination, with some things such as Rainbow Latte, MGM Grand’s Topgolf, Bellagio Fountains and The Rio Hotel being some of the countless destinations.

2.Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is located in the second smallest country in all of Europe: Monaco. All gambling addicts know of Monte Carlo because of its stunning scenery and comfortable gambling environment. Monte Carlo was even branded as the world’s most stylish gambling destination. 

Monte Carlo

Tax paradise

Monte Carlo is a tax paradise, mainly because Monaco does not collect capital gains taxes and does not levy net wealth taxes. This makes it a popular destination for eccentric millionaires and billionaires who want to try their luck at gambling. 


Monte Carlo is not only famous for being a tax paradise, but it has a lot of exotic cars, expensive yachts as well as exotic casinos that you might not find anywhere else. 



Pahang is a city in the federal state of Malaysia. Though the country may not look like it might be able to offer a premium casino, its Genting Highlands has the country’s only legal land-based casino, and it is something of a site to behold.

If you are in Southeast Asia and are tingling to try your luck at gambling, your best bet should be in the city of Pahang. The Resorts World Genting will be the best destination for your needs. 



Macau is one of the oldest cities that have made gambling legal. It has been legal to gamble in Macau ever since the 1850s. Macau has become a prosperous city mainly because of gambling as half its total revenue comes from gambling taxes and income.
Macau is thoroughly built around the concept of casinos, and you will be able to find yourself entering all sub-40 of the most beautiful casinos in the country of China.