How to Avoid Overbooked Flights

If you have travelled before, you know that one of the worst things to deal with is an overbooked flight. More often than not, an overbooked flight means that you can get denied boarding, which can mess up your whole schedule for your travels! You should learn a few tips and tricks to help avoid overbooked flights. Here are some things that could help you out.


Know Your Rights

Let us say that you are at the airport already and you got denied boarding because the airline overbooked your flight and you have no way of avoiding it now. Thankfully, you can claim compensation for that and the easiest way to claim compensation is by contacting Passengers have rights and you have the right to assert them, even if the airline gives you a new flight. You experienced delays and troubles that you did not make and was within the airline’s control, so do not be afraid to ask for what you rightfully deserve. Like if you had troubles flying to Finland, do a search on Wizz Air – lennon viivästyskorvaus and get it done quickly.

Check in Your Flight 24 Hours Ahead

One of the best ways to prevent getting bumped is by checking in earlier than everyone else. This will help you guarantee a spot on your flight, which lessens your chances of being bumped. We are not saying to wait at the airport for a full day of course, you can easily check in your flight online so you can feel more secure about getting on the airplane at the time you normally would. People who check in late are usually the ones that get bumped, so you can avoid being one of those people.

Board Early

Even if you check in early, it is best to try to be one of the first people to board the plane when they let you start boarding and your number got called. Being at the airport a bit earlier and getting on the airplane will help you avoid the troubles of an overbooked flight. Avoid being the last group that boards the plane because there is a higher chance that you can get denied boarding.

Avoid Peak Hours

Most airlines will have peak hours, days, seasons, etc., that you should avoid as much as possible when booking your ticket. Different airlines and cities will have different peak hours, so a simple online search should help you find out the best time to fly for you is. If you cannot find anything online, you can easily call the airline to ask them what their busiest days and times are to choose wisely. The less people in the airplane, the lower your chances are of getting an overbooked flight.

You can actively make choices to avoid ending up with an overbooked flight and getting denied boarding because of the airline’s mistakes. You can get compensated for what happened to you and avoid overbooked flights by following the information above. Be proactive and assert your rights as a passenger by taking extra steps to either get your money back or avoid overbooked flights altogether.