Sold at Cozy Nook


Jo is green broke at this time, and Registration papers are pending for the ICHO.  Jo is 15.2 Liver chestnut in the summer. His sire is Ne-Hi Magic(nipper) sired by Houdini out of Chip's Barefoot Babe.  His Dam was a registered Arabian Mare Kharizma.

This is Joeseph King of Dreams sold to Shelly White

Curly Standard Place  BC

Jo's Pedigree

This is DSF Hawk's Day Lily ABC3573 ICHO875-D.

  Lily is an extremely affectionate Filly  foaled June 1, 2006.  She is out of Daystar In Jubilee sired by JC'S Jubilee out of June Daisy. Lily's Sire is DSF Dances with Hawks sired by Cameo's Trinity out of DSF Princess Greyling.  I

f Lily were a dog she would be a lap dog.  She is a very sweet natured Filly and loves attention.  She has the sporty build of an athlete, I am sure she will do well in eventing.  She should be able to make it into Sport horse division.  She will be a nice addition to any family.  She loves kids.  I am asking $2500 for her at this time 

Thank you  Kelly

of Colville

Lily's Pedigree


Orion's Pedigree


CNC Orion's Stargazer sold to Chrisy Bowlin

Colville, Wa




DSF Summer Cloud

ICHO 874-D ABC 3591

foaled 5/1/06

bred to KC Prince Charles for a 2012 foal

Offering as a package deal for $3500 or  seperate $2000  each after  weaning

Summer will be started under saddle 2012  after  foaling



DSF Morning April Showers

ABC 2977  ICHO401-D

foaled April 15, 2002



April's Pedigree

Thank you to the Elliott Family in Kettle Falls. April will go to her new home once she has foaled, and foal is 2-3 wks old. 

 CNC Amazing Grace

ICHO pending


 This little filly is first born of our stallion Buzz,  I am very pleased with this little girl,  Buzz really did a great job,  and Mom did also.  Dam is RRR Black Rose,  Rose is one of our best here on Cozy Nook, and is not for sale.  But Grace should prove to be every bit as nice,  She has been so easy to work with and wow is she smart!  I am willing to let her go to the right home.  But won't mind keeping her either.  Asking $2500


Grace's Pedigree



Sold to Sally Green of Redmond Oregon


Thank you



CNC  Poetic Motion Xpress

ABC 749 3/4   ICHO 1606-D CSI C00749-12

ABC 3973  ICHO 1448-S  Foaled  May 24, 2012

Moe is a sweet bot  that will be a  fantastic Herd sire, has the looks and movement, and likes to please. Only offering to a breeding home at this time as I would like to see him continue Chuck's lines.




Crispin's  Nite Out

ICHO 1434-D  HAHR 1A372852  foaled 4/11/2011

Crispin  is a  sweet and  super  friendly  boy,  handled  from  day 1 and doesn't mind  being  touched  any where.  First  to the  gate.  Should  mature  15 hds or  more.  Alreaded  gelded  so  1 less  expense..


Cinder's  Twist

registered  haflinger filly  AHR 31554-10 foaled 3/29/2010

Cinder is a beef  Cake,  and I am  only  offering  her  for  sale  as I  need  to down  size. Will  possibly  start  light  saddle  training  this  yr and  ground  work.



MVR  Garnet

ABC 3687  ICHO 1197-D NPHR 135365 foaled 4/2/2006

Garnet  is well  started  under saddle,  just needs  more  hours .  Has  lots of  forward motion  and can go  all day  long.  Great  Mom  also.

Asking  $3500  Sale  


CNC  Dustin's River  Xpress

ABC 4021 ICHO 1373-D CSI C00728-10

Dustin  will be  a big  boy,  now  gelded. Has  Warrior  lines top  and  bottom of  Dam's  side.  well  bred  and  a  lovely  red dun  with a  hint of flaxen points  showing up.


DSF  Rowan

ABC S-599  ICHO 400-S

Rowan  is  a  smooth coat  curly  that loves  attention,  kids  can climb  all over her.  Offering for  sale as  I need to down  size,  other wise I would  keep  her.




Paintaloosa  Gelding  14 yrs old  this  yr.  has all  the buttons  installed, been  shown  extensively, just needs  someone  to  ride him  all the  time.  He  loves  a  job, is  fantastic  at  scent  detection.


Miz  Abbie Jane

Lovely  Palomino  mare, great mom  and  super trail  horse. I  am offering her on a private  treaty  as I  want who  ever  gets  her to offer her that forever  home,  to be loved, used and then  retired  and able to grow old  and  die  of old age..

Now in her forever Home With Greg, Cheri and Sarah!!